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15th of September~

hye people... :)) sehat??
weird ah blog masa kelas.. hehe.. actually dah habis kelas dah.. had only 1 class today.. diz is y i heart TESL4!! haha.. slalu x der kelas.. hehe..

so about today... its a special day for me and my special one.. hehe..
its our 1st anniversary... <3
a foreign feeling lorr.. mayb cz 1st time celebrating 'anniversary'.. but x really celebrate larr.. sebab.. my saranghae jauh nun di selatan while im up at the east here.. huhu.. so.. v wished each other.. den chit chat before going to sleep.. that also after dipaksa kerana ada kelas hari ini.. hehehe..
About us.. we knew each other when we were in form 5.. i actually knew that a person of that name existed through my bestie when i was in form 4.. but form 5 nie met lorr..
den.. became friends.. it was not so easy for us to commit in the relationship.. it took a long historical time.. haha.. praise his patience... for waiting for me..
that's what i like abt him so much.. hehehe.. if he did't wait we wouldn't have celebrated this day, today..

we are totally opposite of each other.. whatever i love, he hates it so much.. n vice versa too.. but x how we could still stay together through thick and thin.. this is what they call destiny or fate maybe.. haha..
we may not be the most perfect loving couple.. but we do understand each other..
we fight.. but never forget to love each other.. hehehe.. jiwang sungguh..

~<3 <3~
our story started year ago..
but the love stil continues.. and will always continue.. 

i just wish that we would stay strong together,.. so that we can celebrate this day in the coming years together.. :)

unakkul vanthu ethana naal aachu..
ninapula daane vaazhuthu en moochu..
namma suthi kadhal kiraganam vantachu..
unathu mugavariyil en peyarai serthuvitten..
naanum idam maara naal onrai paarthuvitten..
ini unnai marapatharkku ennalum mudiyathu..viral pidithu nadanthuvitten.. ini pirivum irukathu..

Happy Anniversary _____.. *blushing*
me heart u so much!!

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