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Eye Lens

Believe it or not that everything that we see, it is not us who see it.
It is not from our naked eyes.

This is because, when we see things, most of the time we tend to evaluate and thus judge what we see.
But how we judge them, does not fully come from our perception nor thoughts.
Because, there's a filter or barrier before our eyes.
The name of this barrier is Culture.
Each and every one of us, have a LENS in our eyes, called Culture.
And this Lens is responsible in the way we perceive and evaluate everything that is happening around us.

We have been immersed so deeply in our culture that we tend to judge everything through this lens which means, everything we look in awe is because we are taught to like it by our culture. And everything that we look disgustingly is because we are taught that it is neither good nor right.

It is from the view of culture, the norm, beliefs (that we assume them to be right and that we have been following 'blindly probably' since we are aware of things going around us, which might be when we are just little children) that cause us to be unfair.

Because, we see it from only our view and not from the neutral point of view.
For instance, in my eyes, eating insects like grasshoppers, cockroaches and worms disgust me. BECAUSE, this was how I had been taught to look at since small.
But now, I could not nor should not see it in that way because, it might be just the right thing to do in a particular culture or society.

Just because, I don't do it, I should not label this society badly, right?

This is just an example on how, this 'LENS' effects the way we perceive things.
I think it is time to let my naked eyes to prevail the beauty of the world. WITHOUT the help of the lens.
Because the world is beautiful just at its own way, I just need a pair of open eyes to enjoy it. =)

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