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Being Up to date or Being Left Out?

With all the gadgets invented and possessed, we should be thankful for we are able to be up to date with the fast revolving world and even keep in touch with people all over the world.
But, the phenomenon has changed.
People are no longer using the gadgets for what they first thought of using it for.
People now are more interested in updating their self in the social network.
This indeed is the most biggest mistake we are doing.


Because, we are so infatuated in updating in social network, probably to get attention from others,
that we are missing the major point here.
Which is, we are missing in the magical moments.
Being spellbound or perfectly said, being obsessed in the social networks, we are forgetting that we are not being a part of the moment.
Capturing pictures and videos, will make us remember the moment in the future.
But are the pictures and videos more valuable then the experience itself?
So think about it.
While we are so busy capturing the moments, we are directly missing to be a part of the memory.
Updating photos and videos can be awaited but an event or moment will never wait for us.
Because. Time waits no man.

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