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Trip to Kelantan..

Had a long and tiring but happy day today. Went to Kelantan. 'Amazed' by the 'beauty' of the UMK's hostel. Had good time with dear cousin before leaving her there. Now that she's there, I'm not really alone here. hehe..

So the journey was actually to send my dear cousin to UMK for the registration which is on the 1st, so i also followed my parents as i had to go to my campus as i have class on the 2nd.
thus, the journey started at 7.30am on the national day as my aunt n i boarded the sinaran timur train because we had to bring few bags of my cousin which could not fit in the boot of the car.. hehe.. *got that much of bags, like pindah rumah la pulak.* haha..
so, than, the journey was k, since i x get much sleep the day before, i doze off a little while after the train left Kluang station.. than, after nearly 12 hours, we reached Wakaf Baru where we took the taxi to Hotel Politan (a very weird name i feel :/)
Than, fresh up, went for a walk, had a big meal at pizza hut, den walked back to hotel, than what else, sleep la, :p hehe,.
the next day, woke up early, got ready, had wantan mee at nearby chinese restaurant, went to UMK. walk around wiping the drool. :p (x literally :p)
helped couzy with her room, had lunch than leave couzy at her campus n head back to Terengganu..
Bought lotsa stuffs on the way, kacang la, asam la, guava la n etc n etc..
than finally reached my destination. felt quite bad leaving the car.. :'(
but what to do, have to study la kan.. hurrmm.. :(
so, than. had to unpack, settle down n etc.
Starting tomorrow have to go back to old routine,:/
right now, gotta catch some sleep since i woke up really early today.. hehe.. so good night peeps.. ^^

p/s: pictures of kelantan, later la yea.. too tired to upload now. hehe..

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