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Something for you and me to remember and not to forget.

Having some hard times this few days. Don't even know why it is prolonging. :/
Everyone has their desires and dreams.
But not everything is fulfilled, carried out and done.
Its all due to the circumstances, situations and the environment we are in.
Same goes to us.

I know how you feel. For I feel the same.
I know how hurtful it is. For I go through the same.

But, never forget to remember.
That is what made me how I am now.
People can't simply change themselves, nor their thoughts and opinions.
As youngsters, we have to go in the flow.
We have to understand them. Despite all the sour and bitter feelings.
For it is our responsibility.

Another thing..
Do not ever let us being compared to others.
Because, none of them had went through what we had.
None of them will be able to understand our feelings and views.
Because, we are us, they are them.
It has never been the same.
Let them in their own pace.
We create our own journey.
Our own future according to our mould our shape, our plan.
Because this is about us.
We are the one who have to decide how everything goes and how and when something should occur.
Not them or anyone else.
Do not let others influence us.
Because it is not their life. It is ours.

The day will come.
When we can be like how we want.
By then, we can think maturely.
By then, we would understand the reasons behind all the things that we had went through.
By then, we would be stronger.
Be patient till then.
Stand strong together.
You and I, are meant to be WE.
So, yes, believe in us.
Even if I lose hope,
Make me believe,
Even if You forget how it is supposed to be,
I would remind you of all the promises and beautiful days ahead.
For, I'm sure that WE want this no matter what.
Always remember that we are One.
Always remember that deep in our heart we still need each other.
You and I forever.

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