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Oh yess.
Ever wonder why we face difficulties? O.o
There may be a variety of causes.
Own mistake, as a lesson, as an experience and s forth.
But there's something that i had just realized, which is.

Whenever we face difficulties, God is reminding us that He still exist. hee,
This is because, people always tend to forget God during happy times and only remember God during difficult times.

I think this only happens to those who always seek to God's help when they have a problem or difficulties.

Yea, it is true.
Let's have a look.
For an instance, when one obtained a  very low mark for test.
We would hear people saying, 'Oh God, why me, why giving me such pain n bla2'
But when one had got a very good mark for a test.
Have any of us say, 'Praise the lord, thanks to Him that I could get this mark'
I'm pretty sure that is a rare case. One or two in a million maybe.  :P
All we could hear is only, 'I had worked really hard for this, finally I got it n etc'

See, people only want to share sadness with God.
Not happiness.

So God reminds us that He's still there by giving us some falls as that is how we remember him la kan.

Moral of the story: Share everything with God. He is not like other human beings who are like chipsmores. He will be there for us all the time. Not only when we have problems. SO yea. Love GOD. :D  I Love you GOD. :D

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