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Your Love is My Drug.

Your love is my drug,
It makes me to float
with legs still on the land,
It makes me high
with just the thoughts of you,
It makes me go speechless
with a glimpse of yourself,
It makes me to dream
with eyes still blinking,
It makes me to appreciate
for whoever I am.

Your love is my drug,
Its the Roxicet thatspoils me,
Its the Oxicodone I'm addicted to,
Its the Street Methadone that hurts me,
Its the Heroin that intoxicates me,
Its the Aspirin that I can't live without,
Its the Nasonex that keeps me going,
It poisons me with Love,
Yet it cures me too,
In the name of yours and your love.

NiLo.. =)

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