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What would you do?

There was this tagline in the movie 3 Idiots that goes, "No one can be that sad when your best friend has failed the exam, but no once can beat the frustration when that same best friend has got the highest".

I never had faced that situation before. But now I am.
Feel very bad. Don't feel good at all about what I have got.

So should we be jealous or upset over what our friend has achieved? Or even condemn about the achievement?
Is it alright to do that?

One should never let others to stepped by others. So is it right to fight back with those who had stepped over you?
Even if that person is someone who you know very well.

A relation that shares everything with you.
Happiness, sadness, stories, and everything else.
But how if that family doesn't share your happiness and sadness.

So, my question is..
What would you do?  If you had to go through these situations..

Think well.. :p

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