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a new day starting a new year....

Eventhough its a normal day which has 24hours, day and night, everything just as normal as yesterday, it connects us to a new year,... year 2011.. making it a special day.. hehe.. hmm.. unknowingly its going to be 19 years since i inhabit in this creation of god named world.. so fast time runs.. whatever happens, the time never stops to laugh, cry, symphathize, or even bother about us.. it only does its work.. very selfish uh.. hehe.. but how also.. time is a good teacher.. it teaches us to learn everything around us.. guide us to be more matured.. with each incident that occurs at that particular time..=).. anyway.. everyone has their own duty to do.. when everyone does their responsibility properly, than everyone can be happy..time is precious so lets waste it properly and with a sense of responsibility.. hehe.. have fun folks..:D

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