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14 th of October..

today is my lil sis bufday.. for the past 4years.. i was wif her to celbrate this big day of hers.. but today.. im so far here.. that i could only mail her.. so sad.. niway..just wish the best to my dearest, one and only littke sister.. may god bless her with abundance of happiness and love...=)..
today by d way.. was kinda boring for me and also upsetting one.. our ss lecturer was mad wif us cz use d collaboration form to take signature from frenz.. when v said dat,for otha assignment, we did take sign from our friends when we collaborate with them.. he got so mad ady. he sais, i x give a damn, and for ss its not like that.. and the most sad part is that, he said he wana deduct marks for that...:'(...
den, es.. x lecturer.. so me, preet2 and shalani went to the hep to ask about the holidays for diwali.. and it was sad that they nie give 2days leave..=(..v applied for anotha day.. hopefully we'll get lar..
than was lds class. our lecturer who is also our tutor got upset cuz some of my classmates x attend the assembly.. pity em cz gt borang salah laku.. i never knew the adminstration will take the attendance to assembly so seriously.. so the moral of the day is that, i have to go to assembly after this on time!! x more late2 ady.. hehe..
n now, aft diz me gt an imp work to do.. the due date for this 'assignment' is todays midnight!! hv to sumhow finiz it...hehe..

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