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wwoooaahh.. its been days since i visit my blog.. hee..
bad owner.. right right??
was little busy with revisions since after deepavali lorh..
having my final examinations for foundation..
this is the 1st time i sit for major exam in 2 years after spm in 2009..
so.. my brain is rusted and kind of very lame.. T.T
Once, i was able to sit and study for hours, but now how long i study also x masuk2.. huhu..

so about today..
kinda special ahn?
saw almost everyone updating about it.. hehe..
for me.. today is another day.. just that its kind of nice to see the date soo cute.. heee.. 11.11.11...
and it is my friend's birthday today..
i just wished him.. hee
can't do anything else.. haha..
so lame my post today..

btw, im finishing my foundation in few days time..
had two papers ady.. two to go sumore..
i totally messed up my grammar paper.. LDV was better than grammar but i was short of time to finish up my essay.. next is literature n social studies.. which is quite heavy...
so.. gotta work hard.. >.<

goodbye to foundation and hello to degree!!
that's all from me for today.. catch up with u some other time.. tC.. :))

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