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MVogue's Exquisite Giveaway

First of all thanx to Miss Eunice for tagging me to this contest.. hehe..  
Now, let's get back to business. MVogue's first giveaway contest and it is my first contest also.. there should always be a start right.. and now, MVogue's contest is the one would be my starting point for competition.. hehe.. seriously very excited.. without wasting anytime, let me share some stuffs that i feel its really interesting and amazing.. the first thing that stole my heart, is of course the dainty, posh looking earring..

I was right uh? True masterpiece lorh.. :D
another accessory that i really love is this cute, cunning handcrafted BFF ribbon bookmarks...
 Wish i can give to my two besties!!!
 I just went woww! when i went through the blog.. the items earnestly have the rich look.. hope peeps can have a look on her blog as well so that you guys can go through what i did whilst looking through the beautiful accessories with reasonable prices. n u should take part in the competition like me too.. who knows if we have the luck to even get any of the interesting prizes listed as below..
1st place : MVogue's shopping voucher worth RM 30.00 + reviewed item 
2nd place : MVogue's shopping voucher worth RM 20.00 + reviewed item 
3rd place : MVogue's shopping voucher worth RM 10.00 + reviewed item and... 

 THREE mystery gifts for three lucky people...!!! 
hope u people are appealed by the prizes like me.. hehe.. all d best peeps.. 
so peeps whom i want to tag...lets see..
P/S~ due date is till 31st of July 2011
So gambate yea..:D

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Miss Eunice said...

all the best gal! ;)

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