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hye people.. wonder why my title is like that..hehehe.. my bestie wondered since when my blog was active..hehe.. memang patut lar she ask because i memang malas want to update stuffs. maybe another reason was because there's no internet connection at my house.. but that's not an excuse now as there's wifi in my hostel now.. after regarding so many things and heeding the advices of my bestie i am considering to be an active blogger now.. *good news or nope* (don't know lar) *hee haw* im considered a new person here even though this blog is nearly 3years old *mata ke atas,tangan ke dada* hehe.. so dear loyal bloggers, do help me sometimes to be a good blogger like you all k.. hehe.. your advices are welcomed.. see yar in next post... :) good day peeps..

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Miss Eunice said... change yr url w/o telling me! grrr..

Miss Nisha said...

sowie darling.. forget to tell. huhu.. >.<

Miss Eunice said...'s time to make a shoutmix lor for yr blog..easier..haa..

btw, tag u in a post..


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