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Back to scheduled life.

In less than 48 hours,
I shall say bye-bye to the comfy's I'm provided with at home.
To my comfy bedroom where i have my beautiful, long sleep,
To the television which accompanied me all day when I'm bored,
To the refrigerator which filled my stomach,
To the shower in which I spend my own time. ^^
To the car which brings me wherever I want.
TO my daddy who will bring me all places, buy me all things that I ask for,
TO my Mom who will cook deliciously scrumptious meals,
TO my sister who had accompanied me this whole holiday..

I'm sure gonna miss everything.
I'll be away for 5- 6 weeks.
But still it is a long time for me.. :'(
Life have to go on.. Even if I don't like it.
SO, getting prepared, mentally n physically to go back. hee..
Starting with my unfinished packing.
Oh, getting sick thinking of the big luggage I have to bring with me. =.=

Safe journey to all those going back to campus n hometowns.

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