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The moment i saw the picture on facebook. the first thing came to my mind was, wow, that's beautiful pic.. the cloud behind the statue of liberty. but at a second glance, i saw the word hurricane.
And that's the moment i started to freak out.

that's when i started google-ing about the SANDY..
Until this moment actually.

She really looks scary from the pictures.
I really hope that the people there continue praying and keep themselves braced with this challenge.
I really hope that everything would return to normal.

I know Malaysia is fine. And that it doesn't matter if I don't give a damn about it.
But, from the day i know myself. I'm like this.
I can't sit still with this kind of things going on.
besides, i have a friend in the middle of USA..
He's just a new friend.
But, still he is a friend.

I hope he will be fine.
God, be with him.
God be with everyone there.
Give them the strength to overcome this.

And those who didn't make it through, may their soul rest in peace.

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